Internship Greece

Are you under 40 and want to work in Greece between 3 to 6 months? Or maybe you are a student and you want to spend your summer vacation surrounded by landscapes taken from the movies and be paid for it?

Then Internship Greece program is for you.
In addition, if you master the Russian language, you can start preparing your luggage, you are already employed.

Job Types

Reception / Assistant Reception
Assistant Service / Waiter / Waitress
Bar assistant
Housekeeping / Room Attendant
Kitchen help / Cook
Lifeguard / Pool Attendant / Beach Boy
Masseur / Spa Staff
Animator / Entertainer
Hotel-Resort Worker / Handyman


Job placement – Greece 175 euro

+ 75 € enrollment fee

You can work in Greece between 3 and 6 months

You have free accommodation and 3 free meals / day

(Includes program fee)

(Includes job placement tax)